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"Blackwood is a collective of creators, GRAMMY® award-winning audio engineers, industry professionals and entrepreneurs, with a multi-platinum production / recording / mixing / mastering studio facility. The collective provides everything needed from artist management and development to studio rental and recording services, to studio construction and acoustical treatment, and most music and audio online services."


Studio Construction

Looking to build a new studio? Whether it’s a podcast, music production, recording, mixing or mastering studio, we have you covered. Our acousticians, designers, and contractor partners provide consulting and turnkey studios. We offer complete project management from concept and design to build out and equipment setup.

Our impeccable sound-proofing techniques will ensure you do not have to worry about mic or room-to-room bleeds. We use custom designed treatments along with commercially manufactured products for a complete acoustic and sound-proofing solution. After carefully analyzing the acoustics of the space, we will prepare a detailed treatment plan that will eliminate unwanted resonant frequencies, standing waves, early and late reflections, and speaker boundary interference cancellations. We will flatten the room for neutral playback – crucial for recording, mixing, and mastering studios.

We specialize in custom-designed concepts for a room that is as unique as you.

We always welcome you to visit our Los Angeles facility to see and hear our studio construction techniques in action.


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