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"Blackwood is a collective of creators, GRAMMY® award-winning audio engineers, industry professionals and entrepreneurs, with a multi-platinum production / recording / mixing / mastering studio facility. The collective provides everything needed from artist management and development to studio rental and recording services, to studio construction and acoustical treatment, and most music and audio online services."


Artist management

For those who qualify, our artist management team will take your career to the next level so that you can focus on the creative process.

Between our team and the relationships we’ve built over the years, we’ve got you covered. Having an in-house studio facility makes the entire creation process both easier and more affordable. Your team will consist of a business manager who handles finances and royalties, a legal team, a brand strategist that handles the overall marketing and brand direction, and an agent and tour manager to handle anything related to live performances. Your agent will also handle brand deals.

We will then help with the music production process if needed by bringing producers, writers and A&Rs. We also help with the technical side from recording to mixing and mastering, under the direction of our incredible team of audio engineers led by our GRAMMY® award-winning head engineer. Next, we put together an overall strategy and rollout plan for your content.

Then, by either securing a distribution deal with an independent distributor or a record deal with a major label, your content is released. And when the time comes, we will plan and execute a touring strategy with the booking agents. With Blackwood on your team, you will have all management facets successfully taken care of.

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