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Blackwood is a collective of creators, GRAMMY® award-winning audio engineers, industry professionals and entrepreneurs, with a multi-platinum production / recording / mixing / mastering studio facility. The collective provides everything needed from artist management and development to studio rental and recording services, to studio construction and acoustical treatment, and most music and audio online services.


Mixing services

Ready to mix your radio-ready song, EP, or album? Our incredible team of mixing engineers led by our GRAMMY® award-winning head engineer has you covered.


Looking to build your own studio? Click here for more information.

We proudly offer Dolby Atmos mix for your project. This cutting-edge approach is entirely different from traditional stereo mixing. Dolby Atmos allows engineers to place sounds in a virtual 3D space around the listener, resulting in a multidimensional audio experience. Contact us for details 

OUr Guests

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other services

Recording Studios